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My quinceanera was the birthday I had been dreaming about ever since I first heard of them. July 17, 2009 was truly a magical birthday party for me. I''m the only girl of four children, and this was something my mom and I both wanted for me, since it was going to be our first experience in our entire family of having a quinceanera. My dress was the most beautiful dress I''ve ever put on in my life. Everyone was floored when I first came out in it, looking like a princess. My entire family, including me, was crying when they saw me growing up before their eyes, especially in the father daughter dance. on , you can look for Martha''s 15, and see my surprise dances, as well as my vals and dance with my dad, and see that dress #F06 4901 is much more beautiful in person. Thank you for making my quinceanera the most special day of my life.

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