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We got married June 6, 2015 at Valley Brook Country Club in New Jersey!

Jason and I are high school sweet hearts. We''ve been together well over nine years. Jason proposed to me August 9th, 2013 in Washington DC after a trail walk. Faking me out with the thought of deer ticks in my hair and I turned around to find him on his one knee proposing.

I waited until I dropped weight to look for a dress I had all these ideas of dresses that I wanted for ''the dress'' I ended up finding my dress by being interested in another Mary''s Bridal Dress. I love this dress because it was balanced. A little glitz, glam, fluff, bling and flirty. It was the first dress I tried on and fell in love with it. Definitely made for me for my big day. Thank you Mary''s Bridal for such an amazing, affordable, elegant dress.

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