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Kristopher (Kris) and I met in 2003, while we were both in Texas training to become Army medics. It is the strangest thing, but from the minute I saw him I KNEW he was the man I was going to marry. We had this instant chemistry, instant connection, and instant friendship. After only FOUR months of dating we eloped! We literally got married spur of the moment, at the courthouse in Maryland, with only my sister and best friend as our witnesses.

In December 2013, we are renewing our marriage vows in the Catholic Church. This time all our family will be there, and I will be wearing a real wedding dress. We will have a ring bearer, flower girl, and a cake. There will even be a reception after the event, all the things we missed the first time around! That is our love story in short. Not too many couples can say that after only dating for 4 months (long distance at that) they are going strong 10 years later!

Written by Krissa O.
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