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Our story began on May 10, 2012. It was early morning. I called my best friend crying because I was in a lot of pain. She happened to be with her brother who heard me crying and he asked her for my phone number. I had never spoken to him in my life, and never seen him. He asked me what was wrong and he told me that no girl should ever have tears in her eyes. That''s when he asked me for my number so that we can start talking so I gave it to him. Then that''s where it all started .. .

About a month later we have finally met and he proposed to me. I was so surprised but without a doubt I said YES. Since that day people tried to separate us, but we believe we could overcome any obstacles that would get between us. We also feel that our love is stronger than anything in this world. Now we are here planning our big day. The day that we will unite our lives forever.

Written by Ana C.
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