About Us

Mary's Bridal by is one of the nation's largest and most successful bridal gown designers and manufacturer. 
Mary's designs tend to be more traditional than wild. Our gowns are designed to be pleasing regardless of size, taste, or budget. They are made so that everyone can look like a princess on their wedding day. With Mary's, the public is amazed at the quality it can get for the price. A gown that would cost several thousand dollars elsewhere can be purchased for a fraction because Mary makes sure her dresses are affordable. Furthermore, her quality is much better because the all the beads are hand-sewn and the insides have no visible seams.
Women are more sophisticated now than in the past and have many more choices of wedding dress, so the market is extremely competitive. With bridal magazines big as a phone book and with thousands of ads, a bridal company has to try very hard to stand out. Mary's stands out through its service, price and styling. With wedding gowns more expensive than some automobiles, Mary pleases the bride with dresses that usually run in the $800 to $1200 range. When a bride purchases a Mary's dress, they will know it will be there. Stores know they can count on us to be delivered on time. Thus, stores are inclined to push Mary's gowns. Additionally, word of mouth is our fastest form of advertising. Mary's Bridal is among the top bridal manufacturers in the United States. I t has won the Diva Award for distinguished excellence in the bridal Industry, the Debi Award for best Quinceanera design, the esert Rose award for best bridal dress, customer service and best catalog, and the Dallas Fashion award. It has been featured by Good Morning America and television specials covering wedding planning, as well as in numerous magazines covers.
Mary's dresses are sold in markets throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, and throughout Latin America. The look is a little different in each area. For instance, in New York, brides want to be understated yet sophisticated. In California, brides tend to go with bare shoulders, lots of skin, and want to show off their bodies. In the South, Texas and Latin America, brides want enormous trains and very elaborate dresses, veils and headpieces. Mary's also makes bridesmaid dresses, Quinceanera dresses, prom dresses, and flower girl dresses. 

Mary's is a manufacturer and wholesaler of fine wedding apparel and accessories.
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