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Letter to the Bride

Thank you so much for visiting our site. You have just taken your first step in discovering the wonderful experiences of purchasing a Mary's designer gown. At Mary's, we are committed to service, quality, and reliability. In addition, we accommodate special requests from you because we know your walk down the aisle will be the memory of a lifetime. We want to be a part of that precious moment.

When it comes to styles, prices and selections, Mary's has over 300 designs to suit every need for the wedding. Mary's lines are made up of bridal gowns, informal gowns, bridesmaids, prom gown, Quinceanera gowns,flower girl gowns and headpieces. Retail prices range from $370-$1380 for bridal gowns, $180-$360 for informal and mother's. $120-$400 for maids, proms, pageantry, and Quinceanera, $100-$160 for flower girls. Please consult your bridal shop for the exact retail prices.

Retail price varies from store to store as they offer different services and packages. Mary's is a wholesale company and thus, cannot sell directly to consumers. However, please call us for store listing, price range, style number, or any other questions you might have.

Mary's gown quality is above the rest. Every gown is fully lined, including the train. There will be no raw seams visible from inside the dress (the side that touches your body.) We believe that Mary's gowns are the finest in the world, and with proper care, yours will last forever, just like your love for each other.

Mary's bridal gowns are available in white, ivory, white/ivory/gold with different trim, beading, or embroidery. Informal gowns are available in white, ivory, blue, pink, lilac, white/ivory with various color trim, beading, and embroidery. For Beloving gowns, they are available in white, pink, blue, lilac, yellow, red, banana, coral, white/pink/ivory/blue with different variety of trim and beading. Flower girl gowns are offered in white, ivory, pink, lilac, mint, white/ivory with different trim and beading. Promenade gowns are available in over 40 styles and most styles have 2 to 4 colors to choose from. Please note that some colors are only available in certain styles, please see gown page for more information.

Modern Maid Collection is available in lavender, banana, celadon, black, dark burgundy, eggplant, flamingo, hunter green, ivory, ivory/gold, dark navy, lilac, mint, navy, light blue, pink, coral, dark red, light platinum, sunset, dark platinum, Victorian mauve, white, white/silver, and gold in satin or chiffon. Cantaloupe, eggplant, dark red, sapphire, and taupe are available in irifetta. Amethyst, peridot, coral, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise are available in taffeta.

Not all colors are available for certain brides maid dresses. Please call an authorized dealer near you for details. In addition, every bead and sequins are sewn by hand. No glue is use in the making of our gown. We also offer a wide range of sizes, from a 3/4 ( 32.5, 24.5, 35) to a 29/30 (59, 51, 61) Please note that bridal sizes typically run two to three sizes smaller than ready-to-wear sizes. So if you normally are a size 7/8, you might take a size 9/10 in bridal.

We at Mary's are committed to making you the most beautiful bride, and hope this short introduction to Mary's gowns will help you to know our company better. Above all, we will be proud if you were to select and wear a Mary's gown on your special day. Lastly, please send us a 3x5 of your wedding day pictures so we may place it in our special photo album and our web site as Mary's history. Again, thank you so much for inquiring, and may all your dreams come true. Please contact us for your nearest authorized Mary's retailer.

Sincerely, Management, P.C. Mary's, Inc.



Mary's Bridal Gown Collection includes Bridal Gowns, Wedding Dresses, Quinceanera, Bridesmaids, Mothers, Flower Girl, Prom, Homecoming, veil and Headpieces.

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